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YK-11 SARMS Synthetic Steroid Muscle

- offer - [12.01.2017]
YK-11 SARMS Synthetic Steroid Muscle Growth Hormone Healthraws.com Keywords:SARMS products,myostatin inhibitor,a steroidal molecule,selective androgen receptor modulator,effective muscle growth Website:*healthraws.com Product Name: YK11 CAS: 431579-34-9 MF : C152h252n44o42 MW : 3367.2 Purity: 99.0% Appearance: White Powder Features: - attaches YK-11 to the AR - lead to the more traditional effects of androgens - boost in body hair growth - remainthe prostate unchanged - popular in gaining muscle and lossing weight - effective and strong anabolic effect - add strength - have the minimum side effects Dosage: people who have never used:5mg a day people who used before:10mg a day If you have interests,please feel free to contact me: E-mail:pink@pharmade.com Skype:leafcrystal1993 Whatsapp:+86 17722570184
Name: ann
Mail: pinkpharmade.com
Phone no.: 2147483647

Locality: Somerset
Price: (deal)
You are viewing advert: YK-11 SARMS Synthetic Steroid Muscle

YK-11 SARMS Synthetic Steroid Muscle

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